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M for Men Robo-Bator Rechargeable Masturbator – White


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The M for Men Robo-Bator is armed to deliver a world of sexual power! This powerhouse male masturbator comes highly equipped with two elite performance functions, including 7 commanding vibrating & 7 stroking modes, delivering a truly mind-blowing experience. The soft and textured inner chamber has a tight fit to secure you for pleasure and feels incredibly smooth and realistic when inside. Slide in with ease, and choose your desired modes with just a few clicks of the button, harnessing the power of the Robo-Bator. Once you’re close to your max, tap the turbo climax boost to activate the full force, driving your stroker to the highest level of powerful vibrations for an incredible climax finish! With easy USB charging, power up your stroker with ease so you can go longer and harder than before. Combining top class technology with a bold design, the Robo-Bator stands as a titan amongst men’s stroker. Get ready to unleash your desires with this dream sex machine!

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Weight 2.15 lbs
Dimensions 4 × 4 × 13.7 in




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